Bully: Antonio F. Lopez impersonator of Kree Love. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Kree Love and his Child Trafficking and ID Scamming just might ‘soil’ his integrity, eh ?

CyberHarassment and the CyberBullies

Updated. December 14, 2014 to document extortion.

Updated. January 23, 2014 to enhance as well as add more comments to the end.

Antonio F. Lopez, 30 year old impersonator of 17 year old UK teen, Kree Love, has been engaging in cyberharassment/stalking for several years as I’ve indicated in previous posts.

This appears to be an activity that he enjoys engaging in since he essentially picks a target, someone he resents for reasons known only to himself but appear to include jealousy as a component, and then fabricates reasons to justify targeting that person. The purpose of fabricating reasons is to recruit support, convince that support to move into the front lines, so that he is in a low risk observer position but can enjoy the show and enjoy the perceived power of being able manipulate foolish people easily.

Going back to the extracts of the quotes I…

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